The Constitution Song by Rockademix Teaches Kids History, Civics, Academics, and the Arts

Help your students learn about the US Constitution through songs, fun books, dance, karaoke, and art: the Rockademix way!


The Rockademix Constitution materials are the best way to teach the US Constitution to children and English Language Learners of all ages. The rocking music is produced and recorded by Grammy award-winners. The fun and engaging illustrated books and standards-based academic materials are written by award-winning teachers and professors of history and education. The dance moves are designed by choreographers, kids ages 5-12, and certified child development specialists.


The Constitution Song from Rockademix


The Rockademix curriculum is being translated into 3 languages with more on the way. Rockademix is currently in use at a culturally diverse, preK-8 public school in Topeka, Kansas with over 1,200 students.


But Rockademix is more than the best way to teach history: the 20 original Rockademix songs teach math, science, language arts, collaboration skills, and technology. Rockademix allows all students to discover the true joy of learning.


Stay tuned for a world-class animation that brings to life the Founding Fathers and the early history of the United States.


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