Schools eager to meet legal requirements for increased PE minutes take note: the nonprofit Rockademix curriculum enables schools to offer structured, standard-based physical education, while teaching STEAM and language arts. This easy-to-use, supplementary curriculum combines singing, dance moves, art, and technology to increase student engagement and retention. Rockademix is a song-based program designed by a team of child development experts, including child motor specialists, occupational therapists, and choreographers, so it’s research-based, and it was founded by a veteran public school teacher, so it’s made by teachers, for teachers. Watch the Rockademix infomercial and the program materials video below.




Ross Elementary’s Stacy Neuman states, “Rockademix enables me to teach the whole child and makes teaching fun. It serves our students’ kinesthetic, auditory, and visual needs. After 27 years of teaching, it’s nice to see that finally come together with an intelligent program like Rockademix.” Watch Neuman’s testimonial here.


Rockademix was created by a diverse team that includes education professionals, Grammy-winning musicians, science teachers, and speech and language professors. Founder, Jon Schwartz, is an award-winning public schoolteacher and education author, whose work was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The result is a groundbreaking, research-based program that enables all teachers to use the arts to teach academics in a fun, engaging way that requires little training, and fits well with teachers’ busy schedules. Watch us merge math and PE with these awesome Rockademix dance moves to “Fractions Rock”.



We fine-tuned the Rockademix program for over a year with students ages 4-12 in the free afterschool Rockademix program (watch parent testimonials here and here) and recently piloted it at a 600 student, ethnically diverse, economically-disadvantaged public school just down the street from Monroe Elementary, the nation’s first desegregated public school. Results from the pilot showed a substantial increase in the children’s academic achievement and engagement. Assistant Principal, Kyrstin Bervert said, our Students are doing Rockademix on their own during recess. They’re asking questions weeks down the line from the initial lessons so it shows me they’re processing the information on a deep level.” Watch her testimonial here and the pilot program clip here.


If your school would like a positive alternative to meet your students’ PE requirement, please contact us. We look forward to exploring how Rockademix can help you and your students!



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