How to Get the Rockademix Program


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“This is exactly what I need to reach my kids. Rockademix is an exciting way of instructing students. Addressing every learning style, students explore concepts for mastery rather than memorization.”

Stacy Neumann, Program Coordinator at Ross Elementary


“After previewing Rockademix and receiving an inservice from Mr. Schwartz, I was thrilled to see a program that will meaningfully engage all students in developing language arts and social science skills while also building a love for the arts.”

Kyrstin Bervert, Assistant Principal at Ross Elementary

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Key Facts


  • Rockademix is a groundbreaking program that uses music to enrich and reinforce the learning experience.
  • Any teacher or school can use it to add academic rigor, in a fun way, to their class.
  • It’s designed to be “plug and play” and requires no special training in the arts.
  • Kids learn core academic subjects like language arts, math, technology, science and history while singing, dancing, and creating along with the fantastic Rockademix songs.
  • Rockademix is a supplementary program designed to be used 2-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes.